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Apr 28

Market Update

On the transatlantic trade, the average delay is now 10 days, due to this situation, we see continuous blank sailings so
that the boats should be able to get more right in their sailing schedule.

This raising the prices in both the short and long term because demand is higher than capacity.

The shipping companies are raising their Peak Season Surcharges to both North America and South America.

Globally, schedule reliability has hit its previous lowest listing by 35% in February, the average delay is 6.75 days.

The Oceania trade is very fully booked the rest of Q2.

Congestion and delays in US & European ports due to bad weather, draft restrictions, Cov-19 related labor shortage and trucker shortage in US/CA.

Booking stops by Carriers for Sailings in April & May, due to heavy backlog of bookings.

Severe Equipment shortage in Europe (deteriorating due to Suez Canal incidence)

Please ensure to book well in advance 4-5 weeks.




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Easter Holiday Notice

Apr 05

Christmas & New Year Holidays

Dec 19

Holiday Notice June 24th

On June 24th there is a Public Holiday in Sweden and our office will be closed.
Jun 16

Booking Stop

Dear Customer, In the aftermath of the container ship Ever Given's grounding in the Suez Canal on March 23, several shipping lines announce that temporary booking restrictions, or booking stops, will be applied for export cargo with transit through the Suez Canal.
Apr 06